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"A photographic field guide to the birds of Jamaica" is the only comprehensive guide to the birds of Jamaica. It includes photographs of the relevant plumages of all the birds you are likely to see in Jamaica, plus a description of the ecology of the island and tips on where to see all the species. It can be purchased on Amazon

‘I cannot praise this excellent little guide too highly.’
— --Book Review - British Ornithologists' Union (2009)
‘If you’re planning a trip it is invaluable, but it’s also a beautiful book to look at on a rainy day in the UK!’
— --Wild Sounds (2009)
‘If you take just one book to Jamaica, make sure this is it.’
— --Birdwatch (November 2009)
‘...wealth of new data garnered...makes it inherently valuable for the updated distribution maps (far superior to anything previously available for this endemic-rich island) and status details alone.’
— --British Birds (November 2009)
‘ would be a mistake not to have it with you on a visit.’
— --Scottish Birds (2009)

"Bird songs in Jamaica" by George B. Reynard and Robert L.Sutton, published by the Library of Natural Sounds, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, was designed as a companion to the photographic guide. It includes examples of all the main songs of all the endemic species and all the other species that occur there regularly. It can be purchased from

This compilation is nicely organized and exhibits a wide variety of voices for most species you will encounter in Jamaica. The serious birder should consider this an essential for their trip preparation.

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Thinking of visiting Jamaica for birding? Ann can help you plan your trip. Just send an email with your planned dates and what you want to see. To help you get started, here is a list of Jamaican endemic species and Caribbean specialities.



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BirdsCaribbean is developing the Caribbean Birding Trail to help residents and travelers to the region to connect to the rich cultural and natural history of the Caribbean islands through birds.For more information about birding in the Caribbean visit their website

jamaican owl, downy chick and adult, marshall's Pen, 4 march 2017

jamaican owl, downy chick and adult, marshall's Pen, 4 march 2017